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Robert Schefferine

Robert Schefferine is an award-winning, high profile entertainment, sports and news industry executive who has a career of leadership at the intersection of Media, Technology, Innovation and Organizational Excellence.

As the Co-Founder and COO of Space Channel Inc. Robert brought all of his skills and experience to this ground-breaking effort. The challenge was to take a website with content and turn it into a 24/7 OTT channel and global brand. He had been responsible for capital funding raises, sales, production, operations and distribution. Space Channel had over 50K hours viewed in 2022 and a pre-loaded app on Vizio and other TV platforms and is distributed world-wide.
As VP of Production for ABC Entertainment Marketing since 2008, he ran one of ABC’s biggest divisions. He was brought in to change and manage a Hollywood legacy workflow into a state of the art media creation and distribution organization that pushed boundaries with the experimentation and use of latest creative technologies. Starting from being the first organization within the Disney Networks to move to an all file based, HD production and post production workflow to the groundbreaking LIVE 5 camera , 360/Virtual reality production of the Dancing with the Stars, Robert’s leadership motivated his 65 + team to continuously take chances and succeed at keeping ABC Entertainment Marketing at the forefront of “what’s next”.
Prior to ABC, Robert owned his own production company where he produced and directed several adventure specials for the Fine Living Network and partnered with College Sports Television along with sponsors Xbox and Doritos to produce the National Collegiate Paintball Championships. He also helped build one of the first streaming/content channels, the AT&T Tech Channel.
Before starting his own company, Robert spent seven years as VP of Production with USA Network, where he was responsible for technical production of some of sports biggest events, including the US OPEN and French Open tennis tournaments and the MASTERS Golf Tournament. He led testing and implementation of new technologies for USA’s coverage such as the Go-Cam, Sky-Cam and FX Deko graphics systems. Technologies that would go on to become standards in live sports coverage.

Jim Tolve

Jim Tolve is a senior marketing and PR communications consultant with more than 30 years of experience handling external and internal communications for large and small corporate organizations in the media, financial services and capital markets/fintech space.

Most recently Jim spent the last two years as Chief Communications Officer for Space Channel, a global news and entertainment media platform dedicated to space. Prior to Space Channel, Jim spent two years serving as a consultant in the fintech/capital markets for marketing/PR agencies such as Forefront Communications and Brandex Financial.

Earlier communications roles include a 13 year tenure as Global Head of Marketing and PR for FlexTrade Systems, an award-winning trading technology software company based in Great Neck, NY as well lengthy stints at large, financial service companies such as TIAA, the retirement system for professors and employees in higher education, and New York Life Insurance Company.