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Who We Are

Years of industry experience

We understand your industry, whether it’s media, finance, health and wellness or alternative energy, is highly competitive and constantly evolving. As a consulting, branding and content creation team, we recognize the need for creative and adaptable business strategies to stay ahead of the curve and succeed in dynamic markets.

When working with Canyon Lake Media, we will dedicate our 30+ years of experience and resources in creative and technological innovations, for you… our client.

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Case Study

Effective Communication

Effective communication within various industries requires a clear understanding of the message being broadcasted, how it is being presented and ensuring the impact reaches the market. Canyon Lake Media developed a clear direction in showcasing how Network In Action creates an impact within the industry.

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What we do

Consulting and Advisory Services

The services offered by Canyon Lake Media are aimed at helping clients develop and implement effective strategies to evolve their business concepts or Intellectual property into highly functional, monetized operations and brands.

Our history of success includes

Long form television programming is effective in building a dedicated audience and engaging them through the development of complex storylines and characters.

Live events require extensive planning and coordination in the production process to ensure a seamless and successful execution.

The production of sports and concerts involves a large team of professionals working together to deliver a high-quality, immersive experience for the audience, from designing the set to managing the sound and lighting.

High Profile Marketing and Promotion commercials, digital content and ancillary content assets.
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The Consulting and Advisory arm is lead by founder Robert Schefferine.

Robert is an expert in media start-ups, technology innovations, branding and change management.  He has been a key member in the technical and operational launches of several successful cable companies such as CourtTV (now TruTV), Outdoor Life Network (sold to NBC Sports), and Speedvision (sold to Fox-FS1) as well as one of the first streaming channels, AT&T Tech Channel.

What we do

Brand Development

Canyon Lake Media helps clients develop and maintain a strong brand identity through understanding your goals and culture and then working together to create a strategy that marries data, innovation and creativity. 

Whether its ground-breaking promotions for some of television’s biggest programming properties or a small start-up looking to cut through the noise with the best creative and media strategies while maintaining efficiencies, let’s talk and get to know each other.

Brand Strategy and Development
Brand Identity and Design
Brand and Campaign Management

What we do

Content Creation and Production

We are storytellers. Better yet, we’re storytellers with a history of producing award winning content. Canyon Lake Media can help clients create high-quality content that resonates with their target audiences and achieves their marketing goals.

Assessment of business or concepts and identifying core target demographics or partnerships as well as areas of opportunity.
Development of strategies for organizational management and corporate governance such as funding, budget requirements, operational logistics and communications.
Assisting and guidance in developing pitch decks, sizzle reels and other assets for investment, sales or partnership presentations.

The Team

Experience and passion drives innovation

Robert Schefferine

Robert Schefferine is an award-winning, high profile entertainment, sports and news industry executive who has a career of leadership at the intersection of Media, Technology, Innovation and Organizational Excellence.

Jim Tolve

Marketing Consultant
Jim Tolve is a senior marketing and PR communications consultant with more than 30 years of experience handling external and internal communications for large and small corporate organizations in the media, financial services and capital markets/fintech space.

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